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Master Structure, Respiratory Medicine Track

The Respiratory Medicine Track is a very specific course of the Master in Clinical Research. It consists of 60 ECTS credits and is divided into three modules:


1. Module of Compulsory subjects (a total of 18 ECTS)

It has 3 compulsory subjects consisting of 6 ECTS credits each (18 ECTS in total). These subjects are common to all the tracks included in the Master:

  • Systems Medicine (6 ECTS) – coordinator, Dr. Josep Roca, UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • Methodology and Tools in Research (6 ECTS) – coordinator, Dr. José M. Nicolas, UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • Design and Analysis in Research (6 ECTS) – coordinator, Dr. Carlos Ascaso, UB Faculty of Medicine.


2. Module of Optional subjects (a total of 24 ECTS)

It has a total of 14 tracks consisting of 3 ECTS credits each, out of which a total of 8 subjects should be chosen.However, some of these electives are compulsory:

  • Bioethics and Legal framework in Biomedical Research– coordinator, Dr. Itziar de Lecuona. UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • Cell and Molecular Biology – coordinator, Prof. Esther Barreiro, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UPF.

  • Chronic diseases – coordinator, Prof Josep Roca, Faculty of Medicine, UB.

  • Infections and severe dyspnea – coordinator, Prof Eduard Monsó, UAB


Other optional subjects:


  • Animal and Cell Models – coordinator, Prof. Joaquim Gea, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UPF.

  • Structure and function of the respiratory system – coordinator, Prof. Antoni Ferrer, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UPF.

  • Assessment and Monitoring - coordination Prof. Josep Maria Montserrat, Prof. Ramon Farré and Prof. Felip Burgos, UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • Imaging and Interventional Pulmonology - coordinator, Prof. Antoni Rosell, UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • Complex disorders and Lung Transplantation - coordinator, Prof. Joan Albert Barberà, UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • Smart Drugs in Respiratory Medicine – coordinator, Prof. Santiago Grau, Faculty of Medicine, UAB.

  • Lung Cancer – coordinator, Prof. Esther Barreiro, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UPF

  • Advanced Microbiology– coordinator, Prof. Juana Díez, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UPF.

  • Computational models of Respiratory Diseases – coordinator, Prof. Miguel Angel González, ICREA. Department of Information and Communication Technologies, UPF.

  • Statistical modeling – coordinator Prof Carlos Ascaso, UB, Faculty of Medicine

  • Epidemiological dissemination models of diseases – coordinator Prof J Macia, UPF


The validations will have to be requested by the students to the Master’s Coordinator prior to the registration to the courses.


3. Research Project module (Master Research Project) (total 18 ECTS)

   Students in the Respiratory Medicine Track will have to carry out a research project of this field.

  • Research Project – Coordination of mentorship: Prof. Josep Roca (UB) and Prof. Joaquim Gea (UPF)



The three compulsory courses (18 ECTS), the Ethics course and seven additional optional courses (24 ECTS, chosen from the different optional courses), together with the research project (18 ECTS) are absolutely required in order to obtain the Master’s degree for all students.

Note: A minimum amount of 20 ECTS (credits) per year is required, while a maximum number of 60 ECTS (credits) can be done per year for all students regardless of whether they are engaged in other activities (other courses or professional duties).


Validation (Recognition of external ECTS) possibilities


Based on other university degrees and/or previous professional experience a maximum of 9 ECTS credits can be validated.


  • Graduates with MIR, FIR, BIR, QIR, etc. (in their third year of completed training) and medical specialists bearing an official degree of the European Union can validate up to a total of 9 ECTS.

  • The same accounts for students who are in possession of a Master’s degree in biomedical research.

  • Students undergoing PhD programs or other Master’s degrees known as “propios” in Spanish universities will also be eligible to receive validation up to a total of nine ECTS.


The potential validations, if achieved, will replace any of the subjects except for the research project. The validations will have to be requested by the students to the Master’s Coordinator prior to the registration to the courses.


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