Master in Clinical Research

specialty of Respiratory Medicine


Specific access requirements

Candidates (eligibility criteria)

  • MDs (Medical Doctors)*

  • Biologists and Human Biologists

  • Pharmacists

  • Biotechnologists and Biomedical graduates

  • Biomedical engineers, bioengineers

  • Physiotherapists, Physic therapists

  • Chemists/Biochemists

  • Nurses

  • Other graduates in Health or Life Sciences

  • Graduates in other disciplines


* In the case of graduates and graduates in Medicine, the master is not required (but recommended) to follow a Ph.D. program.

Selection criteria

a) Education: 30%

        - Degrees described above (10%)

        - Academic record (90%)


b) Language Rating: 20%

        - English language (minimum level required equivalent to the First Certificate)


c) Skills and motivation of the candidate: 50%

        - Two letters of recommendation (40%)

        - A motivation letter (500- 600 words maximum) written by the candidate (60%)


In several instances, in order to better assess the eligibility criteria a personal interview may be conducted (personal or audio-conference modalities). During this interview, the candidate will be requested to provide more information on aspects that the Evaluation Committee may consider relevant to decide the eligibility of the candidate to the Master’s program (academic background, level of English, additional training, skills, interest and/or motivation, etc).


Price: for the academic year 2015/16, the ECTS price is 46,50€ for students member of the European Union. In addition, academic management rates (70€) and the mandatory insurance (9€) must be paid.

Orientation: Research and Professional

ECTS credits: 60

Language: English (with a part in Spanish in the 3 compulsory subjects)

Number of students: 30

Center for registration: UB School of Medicine

Academic Direction, specialty in Respiratory Medicine: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UPF

Official postgraduate program: Medicine

How to Preregister ?

Since the website to preregister to the Respiratory Medicine Track of the Master of Clinical Research (UB-UPF-UAB) is complex, we provide you here with the shortest and easiest way to proceed with the preregistration:


- Access:

- Choose the ' Master i Postgraus' option

- Subsequently, select 'Masters universitaris Oficials. Consulta'n l'oferta'

- Then, press the 'R' and choose 'Recerca Clínica'

- On the right hand side, press: 'Masters universitaris amb Preinscripció oberta'

- Finally, select 'Recerca Clínica' and fill in the preregistration form.

- When selecting a speciality, select 'Medicina respiratoria


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Coordinator of the Master specialty in Respiratory Medicine:

Dr. Isabel Blanco



Julio Mas / Carme Hernández / Isabel Blanco (

(+34) 93 227 30 40

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