Master in Clinical Research

specialty of Respiratory Medicine


The Master specialty in Respiratory Medicine is addressed to:

  • Professionals or students in possession of a degree in biomedical sciences (medicine, biologists, human biologists, chemists, biochemists, biotechnologists, biomedical graduates, biomedical engineers, bioengineers, physical therapists, nurses, etc.), with a strong determination to conduct research in respiratory medicine will be eligible. In many cases, the Master’s degree will be the first step to transfer to the Ph.D. program.


  • Professionals from different fields such as research, industry or healthcare sectors interested in respiratory research will be the candidates to apply for this Master’s course. In the society, a growing need exists to train professionals in either multidisciplinary or translational research for them to become experts in the newest models of continuity of care, and in the industrial sector such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a focus on the study of respiratory diseases.


Courses of subjects that are common to all the tracks of the Master in Clinical Research will be given on either a face-to-face or online basis. However, we do not recommend choosing the online modality for several courses such as that of Biostatistics, under the name of "Design and Analysis in Research" in the official program. Nonetheless, in the Respiratory Medicine Track, courses will only be given on a face-to-face basis (attendance will be compulsory).


The Master implies a significant personal workload. Since most of the students will combine attendance of the Master’s courses with a job on either full- or part-time basis, an optimal management of the time will be advisable


Courses of subjects that are common to all the tracks of the Master in Clinical Research will be given mainly in English and/or Spanish. Courses specific to the Respiratory Medicine track will only be given in English. However, the exams can be written in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan at the students’ discretion, but always in the same language for the sake of consistency.

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Coordinator of the Master specialty in Respiratory Medicine:

Dr. Isabel Blanco



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