Master in Clinical Research

specialty of Respiratory Medicine


Objectives & Competence Profile



  • A major objective will be to train professionals to become experts in basic, translational, and/or clinical research in respiratory diseases. After completion of the Respiratory Medicine Track course, students should be able to address respiratory care problems that may involve the use of diagnostic techniques, care and treatment of patients, from a holistic and integrated standpoint.

  • To acquire and develop skills that will help increase the knowledge on respiratory health care and public healt

  • To develop skills to be applied in multidisciplinary research in the field of Respiratory Medicine

Specific skills profile
  • To raise research hypotheses and to use the right tools in a proper integration of different levels of knowledge

  • To build an interdisciplinary, deep, and updated knowledge for the design and development of respiratory biomedical research projects

  • To understand the bioethical values and to know the legal aspects related to research and care in respiratory disorders

  • To develop professional activities in research

  • To be prepared for future national or international PhD studies

  • To know diagnostic, functional, and therapeutic tools used in the evaluation and treatment of respiratory diseases

  • To fully understand the patients’ conditions, the appropriate care devices and the flows in the health system

Profile of transversal competences

At the end of the master, the student should be able to demonstrate:


  • Professional maturity and maintenance of professional competence

  • Capacity for self-assessment and recognition of the need for continuous self-improvement. Ability to recognize his/her own limitations and to work in multidisciplinary teams, while being able to establish synergies


The students will have acquired the following skills and competencies
  • Ability to identify and prioritize the most important problems of respiratory diseases

  • Ability to generate basic, translational and/or clinic research projects related to respiratory disease problems

  •  Knowledge of instrumentation, procedures and techniques of common use in the care of respiratory patients, as well as knowledge on methods to develop, implement and evaluate these tools and techniques

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of ethics in research on respiratory diseases

  • Ability to develop activities involved in the design of biomedical research. Capacity to develop and implement a research project involving the field of respiratory diseases

  • Ability to interact and exchange information with professionals from other disciplines related to research in respiratory diseases

  • The acquirement of skills for the appropriate use of information and communication technologies will also be an important aspect of training

  • Competence to integrate new knowledge that will be useful in the process of decision-making together with the integration of the corresponding bioethical elements in this process will also be a key point of the training program

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Coordinator of the Master specialty in Respiratory Medicine:

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